52 Club

St Peter Ad Vincula – 52 Club

The 52 Club is a great way to keep money trickling into the PCC kitty.  

A 52 Club is a form of private lottery. Subscribers buy numbered tickets, which are entered into a regular draw.

Cost of Membership:

  • £24 per number, per year = £2 per month
  • With 50% going to PCC funds and 50% paid out in prize money
  • 1st prize = 70%
  • 2nd prize = 30%

You can download a full pack of information, the rules and a Standing Order Mandate form here

52 club rules Final Approved


There is no specific legal definition in the Gambling Act for a 50, 100 or 200 Club. These clubs exist to promote lotteries for a ‘good cause’ (lotteries cannot be run for private or commercial gain).

The number can vary to suit the size of organisations. There are 52 occupied houses in the centre of Tollard Royal village. That’s why we have called our club the 52 Club. (more houses can be added if residents of Rushmore Park wish to enter or members of our regular wider congregation).

We will always keep the name 52 club.

Members buy a numbered ticket allocated the numbers by house name. (See appendix 1)

So that all aspects of our lottery are transparent at each Evensong the 52 club is drawn in church by the churchwardens.

When the tickets are drawn, a percentage of the profit is given as the prize, with the remainder going to PCC funds.

The 52 Club runs concurrently from September to September – Being launched September 2017. The first draw will be evensong September 2017.

Running annually allows people to set up a Standing Order or pay in annually thus reducing the administration.

Tickets must only be sold to members (check appendix to check membership). Participants can buy more than one ticket per household (a subset of the number will be issued such as ‘1a’

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