Tollard Royal Parish Council Meeting



Tollard Royal Parish Council Meeting

7:00 p.m. Monday 20th March 2017 in The Old Cart Shed



  Item Action Required
7:00 1 Apologies for Absence
2 Declaration of Interests
3 Public session
4 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 9th January 2017 For approval and signature
7:10 5 Planning applications17/01615/TCA Benches House – pruning of 2 apple trees

To discuss and decide on any comment regarding the above applications


Cllr JCC 
7:20 6 Update from Unitary Councillor, Jose Green
7 Update from neighbourhood police –Victoria Huntley
8 Clearance of Action Points – January 9th 2017 See table of actions
7:40 9 Chairman’s report – A broadband update KA AJ 
7:45 10 Highways and Speeding:1)     Speed Watch

2)     CATG update

Cllr RM 


7:55 11 Green areas 1)     Best kept village competition – Village Clean up 6th May

2)     Painting of Street lamps

3)     Pollarding of tree on Orchard – planting


Cllr AJ 



8:10 12 Footpaths1) Maintenance and reporting of issues

2) Writing up of local walks


Cllr AJ
8:20 13 Financial matters1) financial statement

2) approval of bills to pay

3) online banking update

4) addition of G Eames as signatory to community account

5) GE attendance of Clerks Course

Cllr KA
14 Election 2017Discussion of process and timing of PC elections in May 2017.
15 Exceptional items since issue of agenda
8:30 16 Confirm next meeting as 8th May this will be the annual parish council meeting for the election of councillors and chair and reporting back on the annual accounts


Dated this day 6th March 2017



Clerk to the Parish Council



Action list arising from the Parish Council Meeting on 9th January 2017


Action Responsibility UPDATE
Willow tree – Apply for planning order to fell and replace with indigenous fruit tree JCC to apply for planning order.
Meeting dates for 2017 to be sent to Jose Green & Vicki Huntley GE Done
Street Lamp Restoration – cost investigation, sponsorship and grants AJ/GE/KA  
2017 Council Elections – timetable and action plan to be circulated.  GE Done
Grass Cutting – confirm contract for 2017 GE Done
Removal of Ivy round Telegraph pole – contact electricity board GE  
Planning applications to be signed and submitted16/11780/FUL Rushmore Farm JCC Done
Village Flower Box – create task and finish group to find volunteers to plant and maintain KA Done
Best Kept Village Competition – set up task and finish group KA/AJ Done
Online Footpath Tool – discuss with Wiltshire Council AJ  
Local Walks – add new walks KA/GE/AJ  
Precept – confirm agreed rate with Wiltshire Council GE Done
Organise Presentation to the village on Rushmore – History & Plans by Phillip Gready or Ruth Mason. AJ  
Cross Border issues – find out more about possible liaison with Dorset and local councils RM/GE  
Set up sharing of agendas & minutes with local councils GE Partially Done
Buckingham Palace Garden Party – submit entries GE Done
Finalise Telephone Tree and print Tree and phone list AJ/GE Done, to circulate




Election timetable – Notes for Councillors


We must hold an election every 4 years on the first Thursday in May. We must follow the specified timetable


Publication of Notice of election must be done not late than 25th day before the election (these are working days disregarding weekends and bank holidays)


At ordinary (i.e. main) elections, parish councillors all retire together on the fourth day after the ordinary day of election. All the newly elected councillors (irrespective of whether the election was contested or not) take up office on that day (Section 16(3) Local Government Act 1972)


In 2017, the day of the election of unitary and parish councillors is Thursday 4 May. This means that existing parish councillors will cease office on Monday 8 May, and their successors will also take office on 8 May.


We all have to express our desire to stand for election on the correct form. These forms must be submitted to the returning officer


Publication of notice of election – inviting people to stand Not later than Monday 27th March
Delivery of nomination papers not later than the 19th working day before the day of election 

Clerk to display calling notice on notice board and parish website.


All candidates must confirm D.O.B certify he/she wants to stand and qualifies – the form must be signed and witnessed and sent to returning officer

Tuesday 4th April by 4pm
Publication of statement of persons nominated Wednesday 5th April by 4pm
Publication of Notice of polling – no later than the 6th day before the election Tuesday 25th April
Election day – polling between 7am and 10pm Thursday 4th May
Meeting of the New Parish Council 

Existing councilors retire

New councilors take office

Elect the chair

Monday 8th May


It is proposed that the meeting held on the 8th May will be the ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING as this is an election year











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