Tollard Royal Parish Council Meeting

Tollard Royal Parish Council Meeting

7:00 p.m. Monday 18th September 2017 in The Old Cart Shed


    Item Action Required
7:00 1 Apologies for Absence  
  2 Declaration of Interests  
  3 Public session  
  4 Minutes of the Parish Council Annual Meeting on 10th July 2017 For approval and signature
7:15 5 Update from Unitary Councillor, Jose Green  
7.25 6 Update from neighbourhood police – Neil Turnbull  
  7 Clearance of Action Points – July 10th 2017 See table of actions
7:40 8 Chairman’s report

Discussion on End of the Road Festival noise complaints



7:45 9 Highways and Speeding:

1)     Speed Watch

2)     CATG update

3)     SID update

Cllr RM



8.00 10 Green areas

1)     Best Kept Village ceremony plan

2)     Tree by pond

3)     New tree for orchard

4)     WW1 commemorative trees


Cllr AJ




8:15 11 Footpaths

1) Writing up of local walks


Cllr AJ
8.20 12 Neighbourhood Watch & Village matters

1)     NW update

2)     Mobile library visit

8:25 13 Financial matters

1) financial statement

2) approval of bills to pay


Cllr KA
  14 Exceptional items since issue of agenda


8:30 15 Confirm next meeting as 13th November




Dated this day 1st September 2017



Clerk to the Parish Council



Action list arising from the Parish Council Meeting on 10th July 2017


Action Responsibility UPDATE
Removal of Ivy round Telegraph pole – contact electricity board GE  


Find out from WALC if PC can accept donations from parishioners as restricted designated funding GE  


Produce a newsletter for parishioners keeping everyone up to date on progress RM  
Investigate extension of 20 MPH limit on road to Tollard Green RM  
Advise dates of Community Safety Partnership meetings RM  
Apply for grant for replacement tree for community orchard GE




Purchase and plant Rowan in Community orchard Jackie Carlyle-Clarke  
Purchase NHW signs GE Done
Fix next meeting date with councillors GE Done







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