Asset Register


Tollard Royal Parish Council

Asset Register

Land deemed in December 1973 by The Commons Commissioner to be owned by Tollard Royal Council            

Village Pond Area                                        £1

War Memorial and Land Around             £1

Land Near Church Gate                             £1

Village Plot – Community Orchard         £1

Purchased from Wiltshire County Council in 1984 for the sum of £225. Covenants apply.

Deeds and documents relating to this land are lodged with The National Westminster Bank, Market Place, Blandford Forum.

Other Assets

Parish notice board £20

Two village benches @ £200 each £400

Two new benches – donated £790

Three road mirrors @ £50 each £150

PC Laptop, printer & software licence £428.86

Defibrillator £1600

Telephone Box £1.00

Notice Board / village Map £200

Water pump £136

Total assets valued for Insurance Purposes:               £3725.86