Budget 2018/19

The proposal is to maintain the budget with no increase. The budget has worked well this year and we now have a achieved our reserves policy. This does not mean that there will be no change in the precept paid on your council tax bill as this is calculated by Wiltshire – however the amount your PC received will stay the same.

The budget will be discussed at the PC on 13th Nov and agreed in January 2018. Please let the clerk have any comments


2019 /19
Clerks Salary based 17   hours each month @£11.00 per hour = £187.00 per month = £2244.00 £2,244.00
WALC Subscription. Remains the same £45.00
Community First Subscription. Remains the same £40.00
Insurance. £190.00
Meeting room hire at £12.00 max of 12 meetings per year – 6 ordinary PC meetings. 1 AGM allowing for 5 extraordinary meetings, £144.00
Expenses for refreshments for the AGM £40.00
Audit fees. These will not be due going forward saving £100 – Proposal is to reallocate to the pond provision £0.00
Royal British legion Wreath. Remains the same budget £30.00
War memorial maintenance and repair – £0.00
Bank Charges. £30.00
Stationery, postage, printer ink £100.00
Village pond maintenance increase to allow for repairs following the spring floods £400.00
Orchard maintenance additional fee to grass cutting hedgerow maintenance – mulching £100.00
Mowing at £45.00 per cut allowing for 17 cuts £765.00
Contingency – to be added to reserve fund to allow for extraordinary spend. £500.00
Councillors travel expenses to attend CATG meetings etc. remains the same £140.00