Emergency Plan


You can see our full emergency plan on the password protected villagers only page. Ask Kay for Password

External Contact Details:   EMERGENCY SERVICES

Fire, Police, Ambulance and Coastguard – 999

Flood Support renate.malton@wiltshire.gov.uk 01225 712 514

Snow support simon.rowe@wiltshire.gov.uk 01225 718 284

SSE Nick Aitken Nick.Aitken@sse.com and Helen Vass helen.vass@sse.com


COORDINATES FOR AIR AMBULANCE TO LAND (assuming land not flooded)

COORDINATES FOR AIR AMBULANCE TO LAND (assuming land not flooded)


Field near park Cottage Stables

Grid reference  ST 9394517433
please advise there are some surrounding power cables but landing here can be done with caution!


Field next to Laburnams, Catherine Hendersons Property, B3081


please advise there could possibly be livestock in the field and approach with caution.


Tollard Royal Equestrian Centre is a good landmark

Grid Reference

ST 94699 16969

Grid Reference


X (Easting) :     Y (Northing) :

394699     116969

Latitude :        Longitude :

50.952128   -2.0768443

you can easily find a grid reference using this link Grid Reference Finder




External Contact Details: OTHER USEFUL NUMBERS

NHS Direct – 111

Non emergency police number – 101

Environment Agency Floodline – 0845 988 1188

Gas Emergency Service and Gas Escapes – 0800 111 999

Electricity Emergency Service and Supply Failures – 0845 733 1331

Scottish and Southern Power 0800 072 7282

Wiltshire’s Highways (formally Clarence) 0300 456 0105
For flooding from the public highway or reporting blocked road gullies or gratings, contact the council. Wiltshire’s local highways service (formerly known as CLARENCE) for reporting road, lighting defects and other hazards including flooding and drainage issues.

Email: localhighways@wiltshire.gov.uk
Wessex Water – 0800 692 0692 (see below)

Flooding from a Burst Water Main

The local water supply companies are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the water mains, which carry large amounts of water from the treatment works to your street but the property owner is responsible for the pipe which supplies their individual address.

Wessex Water Leak stoppers: 0800 692 0692
Website: www.wessexwater.co.uk