Financial reports

Monthly Report for February 2018

 As at the 28th February 2018 the balance on the current account was  £3520.52

On deposit we have

  • £1155.39 reserved in the bell fund,
  • £520.09 reserved in the 52 club and
  • £17000.35 in cash reserves.

This gives the PCC a cash balance at Barclays of £22,196.35

On deposit in our reserves investment account we have  £35,065.31

Giving a total PCC fund as at 6th September of £57,261.66

During February we had 2 fundraising events, which generated £397.50. Sunday collections showed an increase on the usual amount as we had a baptism, in total we collected £171.35. Friends of St Peter raised £138.50. The bell ringers also raised an additional £30.00. There was an additional donation for flowers for the baptism. Total income for the month was £891.35

Expenditure was £511.93, which included £143.92 on flowers from the Baptism. This amount was covered in a donation.

During February £10,000 was transferred to the reserve account.

During February Income was greater than expenditure which is a good position for our cash flow. However we would not have achieved this with the 2 fundraising events. Service Collections remain low and we must focus on increasing the amounts raised from the regular giving on SO through Friends of St Peter.  A revised proposal will be presented at  March PCC meeting to relaunch this scheme.

The action to transfer funds from the current account to the CCLA will happen early March

I should hear back from the Independent Examiner end of next week – ready for our March meeting

You can download the cash book and cashflow here

Cash Book cashbook 2018 CASHFLOW 2018 ST PETERS