Tollard Royal quiz

Set in the April Tollard Tattler

All the answers are the names of birds.

  1. A hard discussion. STONE CHAT
  2. Could bear the adjective “ round “. ROBIN
  3. Terrific!  This tree nibbler may have measles GREATER SPOTTED WOODPECKER
  4. Mary Poppins took the children to fly one. KITE
  5. Cereal flags. CORN BUNTING
  6. The guy who set the quiz. CRANE
  7. I wouldn’t like to spend a night in this. NIGHTINGALE
  8. Sounds like this one comes from the mine and not gold. COAL TIT
  9. They come in different colours and a characteristic of dogs. WAG TAIL
  10. Quiet and party in an extra marital affair. PLOVER